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Build mobile apps that Africans want

Publisher: KASI Insight | Number of pages: 32 | Format: PDF | Publication date: December 2015 | Country: Kenya

Research Firm, Informa UK claims that there are more than 4 Million smartphones in Kenya, a number buoyed by the proliferation of affordable smartphones like Nokia’s Asha series and Huawei’s Ideos phones. Despite the potential market, local app developers are struggling to get their apps downloaded. The most popular app in Kenya has 500K downloads mostly from Asia and NA users. Hence the question a lot of the local app developers are asking: Why aren’t apps downloaded locally?

SOKO Insight conducted a Mobile apps study to try to understand the dynamics from the mobile user vintage point: an online survey conducted in Kenya, Cameroon & Ghana on mobile user’s habits and views on apps, features. Over 1080 respondents ages 18-55 participated in the survey in Kenya, sharing their feelings about local app, but also apps they will pay for and apps that will improve their life.

Reasons to buy

– Get local and current consumer data on mobile users habits and attitudes toward mobile apps
– Understand how mobile users use their phone and apps, and what types of mobile apps can improve their life
– Get consumer data and feedback you need to build apps that mobile users want and will pay for

Key questions answered

– What kind of apps do users currently have on their phones?
– What kind of apps will users pay for?
– What kind of apps will improve users's lives?

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